International network

Enveuro is a joint master programme offered in the frame of the Euroleague for Life Sciences.

One of the aims of EnvEuro is that students will appreciate the value of international contacts and networks, and have an understanding that we have much to learn from each other. Different countries and institutions have different ways of thinking, different ways of implementing environmental regulation and different approaches to problem solving. Knowing these different ways of doing things can be of tremendous help in future cooperation across countries within and outside Europe. As an EnvEuro student you will meet with students, teachers and academic workers in the environmental sector from different regions in Europe, you will be taken on excursions to see different examples of environmental management in Europe and you will understand why international cooperation is critical for sustainable use and management of natural resources. The networks you start to create during your study may last for life.

To ensure that this network develops between students from different countries the EnvEuro program uses several approaches.

At the Introduction Days all students from the four partner universities are introduced to each other to ensure that all students across home universities and later chosen specialisations will get to know each other. At the intro course groups constituting of students from the different universities are also formed and will be used during the EME course which runs throughout the first semester (Basic Semester Package). Later in the programme the students will have the possibility to meet again at an elective summer course arranged by The EuroLeague for Life Sciences or when they arrive at their chosen host university.

Other options for meeting EnvEuro students across partner universities will become available through other summer courses and workshops. E-learning is another means by which networks are stimulated. E-learning is introduced at the intro course and used throughout the EME course. In addition, E-learning is also used in some of the other courses offered in the EnvEuro programme.