Administrative structure of EnvEuro

Advisory board

An advisory board is established to coordinate, evaluate and further develop the MSc programme. The head of the board has the overall responsibility for the programme. The board has an advisory role referring to the individual study boards at the partner universities.


The EnvEuro Secretariat assists the Advisory Board and handles all administrative, financial and educational matters in relation to the EnvEuro programme.

Quality assurance and evaluation

To ensure the quality and international acceptance of the MSc, different initiatives are carried out. 

  • The use of the ECTS credit and grading scheme makes sure that there is transparency and international understanding of the extent, workload and level of the MSc taken.
  • Normal evaluation by student questionnaires will be carried out at the course level at the universities as a part of the local university course evaluation. Also the thesis works (quality of supervision, conditions of experimental work, coordination, planning), and the introduction week will be evaluated.
  • The advisory board is responsible for a comprehensive evaluation of the MSc as an entity. The board will, especially the first couple of years where some adjustments to the programme may be expected, evaluate the admission criteria and selection procedures, content and quality of intro course, semester packages, implementation of the e-learning tools, and the overall logistics of the MSc. In addition the advisory board will respond to evaluations from both teachers and students.