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About EnvEuro – University of Copenhagen

About EnvEuro

Europe has a long history of intensive use of natural resources and lessons on misuse and overuse of land and water resources. This has forced Europeans to pay strong attention to environmental deterioration and ecosystem vulnerability. Europe is therefore at the cutting edge with respect to environmental research, its use in monitoring, control, legislation, policy and management actions, and development of environmental technology.

The EnvEuro Master programme in Environmental Science with focus on soil, water and biodiversity, is a two-year study programme developed by the following universities: University of Copenhagen (Denmark), University of Hohenheim (Germany), Swedish University of Agricultural Science (Sweden) and the  University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (Austria), all members of the Euroleague for Life Sciences.

The EnvEuro programme focuses on the relationships between natural resource uses in Europe and their effects on environment and health, and aims at providing analytical and management tools as well as environmental technologies for sustainable production systems in areas with high pressures on natural resources. Water resources takes a central role in the programme as water quantities and quality is a powerful measure of pollutant loads and effect as well as mass and energy balances in agriculture, industries and households.

The Master programme aims at providing candidates who can work professionally with problem identification, characterisation and solving related to the use of natural resources, and based on insight in European ecosystems and principles used in current European environmental management.

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