Environmental careers

The EnvEuro Master degree in Environmental Science will give you access to a wide variety of environmental careers in private companies and public institutions.

Environmental management affects all citizens in modern societies: companies need to think about energy consumption, production and handling of waste and waste water, and atmospheric emissions as well as the sustainability of their products. Food and feed production should be carried out without a reduction in biodiversity, without the eutrophication of streams and lakes, and without polluting groundwater with pesticides. And finally private consumers all of us - need to think about energy, pollution and sustainability in all movements we make. That is - environmental management and problem solving is active at all levels in modern societies.

The world needs qualified academics with solid environmental careers. Think about the future, with the world population expected to double in the next 30 years and dramatic increases in consumption of any natural resource be it soil, water, energy, minerals or genes then it is evident, that there is a huge need for professionals with relevant careers in environmental science. People who know how nature functions, understand critical loads and vulnerabilities within ecosystems, and who know how societies have decided to manage and guide activities of industries, agriculture and households.

EnvEuro candidates qualify for environmental careers in private companies and the public sector related to:

  • Analysis, Monitoring and Modelling
  • Environmental Technology
  • Environmental regulation, planning and control
  • Impact Assessment and Risk Analysis
  • Research and Education

Environmental careers will be found in the environmental sections of industries, environmental technology companies consulting companies (agriculture, engineering), public administration from local to governmental levels, laboratories, universities and other research institutions, and in developing agencies.