Introduction Days

Introduction days to EnvEuro are mandatory 
During the EnvEuro Introduction Day, all students enrolled in the EnvEuro MSc program will meet to get to know each other and meet the teachers.
The EnvEuro Introduction Day feature an introduction to the EnvEuro MSc program and the six specialisations in Environmental Science - Soil, Water and Biodiversity, a workshop about your specialisations and partner universities.

Sunday 22nd October 2023, 10-15 (zoom call, invitation by email)
Meet your fellow students in the program at the partner universities
Introduction to the double degree MSc program
Workshop about the six specialisations
Intro to the four universities 

EnvEuro community and social event 

Meet your fellow EnvEuro's at the ELLS scientific students conference in Hohenheim 17-18th November 2023, plus our special for EnvEuro students: joint dinner for EnvEuro students in the evening Saturday 18th November,
Sunday 19th November 2023, 9-15, with social activities for to meet your fellow students from all four universities,
mixed with two sessions:
1) Talks about 
career options and inspiration for MSc thesis preparations, and
2) Kick-off to the EME course for 1st year EnvEuro students. 

EME - Environmental Management in Europe course

Sunday 19th November 2023, 9-15. Kick-off to the mandatory course Environmental Management in Europe course (EME).
We are (blended online event with satellites at the four partner universities or log-in from at home) 

Monday 20th November 2023 (all online, asynchronous e-modules).
The Environmental Management in Europe course (EME) begin and run 20th November 2023 until 26th January 2024.
Weekly modules scheduled with learning activities all weeks. 
The course is all online with weekly deadlines in e-modules, and as such no fixed hours for activities and attending teaching.
We encourage students at each of the four campus to meet and create a learning community plus get to know your fellow EnvEuro students.