Specialisations and courses for students enrolled 2024

In the EnvEuro MSc programme you must choose your host university and the specialisation(s) you want to follow at your home university and your host university. EnvEuro offers a vast range of exciting possibilities with six different specialisations in Environmental Science and more than 200 high quality courses at four leading European universities. Click the link below to checkout our specialisations and courses.

Courses offered in 2024/2025

Combine Specialisations

It is also possible to combine two specialisations. That means you can choose one specialisation in the second semester at your Home university and then change to another specialisation in the third semester at you Host university. This gives you more alternatives in the second Advanced Semester Package (ASP-2).

  Water Resources x    x x
  Environmental Impacts   x1 x  
  Soil Resources and Land Use x x x2 x
  Ecosystems and Biodiversity  x x
  Environmental Management   x x
  Climate Change x

1 Please note that UHOH only offers ASP-2 for the Environmental Impacts specialisation. 

2 Please note that UCPH only offers ASP-2 for the Soil Resources and Land Use specialisation.