Choice of Home and Host University

During the application procedure you choose your Home (1st year) and Host (2nd year) University.

Representatives from both Universities will assess your application. This is in order to evaluate whether or not the admission board will recommend your application for admission and to ensure that your academic background meets University specific requirements or capacity numbers.

Please observe that, after the application deadline, it is not possible to change your Home and Host University. Therefore, please make sure to make the right choice before you submit your application. Also, please be aware that your choice of specialisation may also define which Universites you will be able to choose – and vice versa (link to overview of specialisations).

For questions please contact the EnvEuro Secretariat (

Choice and change of specialisation

During the application procedure, you choose your specialisation. For information on the structure of the programme and the different specialisations, please see here (link to overview of specialisation).

Before making your final choice, please make sure to check the different options in order to ensure that your choice of specialisations (ASP1 and ASP2) are the right ones for you.

Once you have been offered admission to the EnvEuro programme, your first year specialisation (ASP1) is set.

As for your second year specialisation it is, to a certain extent, possible to apply for a change of your second year specialisation (ASP2). However, please be aware that the options are limited to the specialisations offered by your Host University and that you must apply for a change of specialisation.

How to apply for a change of specialisation

  • When do I apply?

Latest by 10 November

  • Where do you apply?

You apply via email to the EnvEuro Secretariat

  • Which information is needed?
  • A short letter of intent (½ page) as to why you want to change ASP2
  • Your final transcript of record from your BSc programme
  • An overview of courses that you are currently enrolled in at your Home University

After the deadline, the Host University and the EnvEuro secretariat will assess the application. You should expect to receive an answer to your application within three weeks from the deadline.

Please be aware that, in case your request is approved, there may be conditions attached to a change of specialisation (e.g. specific academic requirements to meet before the ASP2).