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Programme overview

The EnvEuro Master programme offers a vast range of exciting possibilities with six different specialisations in Environmental Science and more than 200 high quality courses at four leading European universities.

EnvEuro is a double degree Master programme, which means that you will spend the first two semesters at your home university and the two last semesters a your host university, giving you a truly international experience, and earning you two master degrees instead of one. 


The EnvEuro Master programme is created in cooperation between the four partner universities:

 UCPH - University of Copenhagen; Copenhagen, Denmark

 UHOH - University of Hohenheim: Stuttgart, Germany

 SLU - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences: Uppsala, Sweden

 BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences: Vienna, Austria

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Each of the partner universities offers four of the following six specialisations:

  • Water Resources
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Soil Resources and Land Use
  • Ecosystems and Biodiversity
  • Environmental Management
  • Climate Change

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Programme structure

All specialisations feature pre-designed semester packages with mandatory and elective courses. By joining the EnvEuro Master programme you will get a strong profile in Environmental Science with the best from the participating universities. 

The full Master programme has an extent of 120 ECTS and the programme is structured in 4 semester packages, each with a workload of 30 ECTS:

Introduction Days (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Home University

1. Semester

Basic Semester Package (BSP)

E-learning course: Environmental Management in Europe, 15 ECTS
Mandatory and elective courses, 15 ECTS

2. Semester

Start specialisation


Mandatory and elective courses, 30 ECTS
Optional summer course (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Host University

3. Semester

Continue or change specialisation


Mandatory courses and elective courses 30 ECTS

4. Semester

Masters Thesis

Masters Thesis, 30 ECTS 

When you apply for the EnvEuro Master programme you must choose one of the four partner unversities as your Home university. You will be enrolled and spend the first year of the Master programme at your home university. 

The EnvEuro Master programme starts with the mandatory EnvEuro Introduction Days in Copenhagen, which are immediately followed by the start of the Basic Semester.

The Basic Semester features several courses introducing you to the basic tools of Environmental Science, including the mandatory 15 ECTS E-learning course Environmental Management in Europe. All students must start the Basic Semester with two introduction days to the Environmental Management in Europe course immediately after the EnvEuro Introduction Days in Copenhagen.

At the end of the first semester you must choose one of the six specialisations as well as your Host university. In the second semester you will start your chosen specialisation at your Home university with the first Advanced Semester Package (ASP-1). In the third semester you will go to your Host university and continue the specialisation or change to another specialisation with the second Advanced Semester Package (ASP-2).

Finally, you will complete the Master programme with a Masters Thesis made at your Host university, with supervisors from both universities.

Admission requirements

Applicants should have a Bachelor degree or higher in a natural science area and demonstrate good English language skills. For more information about the admission requirements and how to apply see admission and application.

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