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Water Resources

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The main objective of the specialisation in Water Resources is to provide a sound understanding of water management issues in a river basin. The competing interest of water utilization and resulting conflicts are analysed.
Focus is on integrated water shed management and ecological engineering. Knowledge of sustainable water management is instructed. The legal framework is an integral part of the courses taught.

After completing the specialisation in Water Resources the student should be able to:


  • Describe the effects of water utilization in the environment
  • Display an overview of environmental science theories in a holistic way to problems
  • Identify relevant environmental policies and local management strategies, European water framework directive and regulations


  • Apply tools for collecting, analysing, modelling and interpreting environmental data
  • Communicate knowledge about integrated watershed management in writing
  • Apply hazard and risk assessment methodologies 


  • Carry out planning and management tasks in water resources management
  • Cooperate and work independently to minimise human impacts on water resources 

The specialisation in Water Resources is offered by SLU and BOKU. See the list of courses here.

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