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Soil Resources and Land Use

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The main objective of the specialisation in Soil Resources and Land Use is to understand the soil functions in ecosystems and crop production systems.

Focus is on soil fertility for biomass production, soil filter capacity, habitat for flora and fauna, source of raw materials, physical basis for human activity and construction and protection of cultural heritage.

After completing the specialisation in Soil Resources and Land Use the student should be able to:


  • Demonstrate overview of soil constituents and the characteristics of common soil types
  • Demonstrate understanding of interactions between inorganic and organic components and the importance of soil organisms to   soil functioning
  • Describe the consequences of land use on soil quality and the environment
  • Identify technologies to remediate damaged and polluted soils 


  • Apply and master up-to-date methodologies (molecular, analytical, modelling) for research on plant and/or environmental processes
  • Analyse interactions between soil components and inorganic and organic compounds in soil solution in relation to land use and the environment
  • Apply theory based and practical tools to analyse soils in the environment such as data collection, ecotoxicology, environmental modelling, life cycle analysis, environmental load, sustainable crop production


  • Demonstrate capacity for independent work and creativity in the application of knowledge and skills in soil work situations or in research
  • Participate in public discussions of soil resources, land use and soil quality both in international and national perspective
  • Cooperate and work independently to create ideas and strategies for reducing soil pollution, soil resource damaging and preserving soil quality in a European context


The specialisation in Soil Resources and Land Use is offered by all four partner universities: UCPH, UHOH, SLU and BOKU. See the list of courses here.

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