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Environmental Management

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The main objective of the specialisation in Environmental Management is to provide theoretical, analytical and practical competences to address the challenges associated with management of natural resources and the environment.

The specialisation introduces bio-physical and technical approaches to a more sustainable management of the agricultural environment, analytical tools to assess the sustainability of agri-food systems and the economic and legal aspects of environmental management.

More specifically the specialisation focuses on agri-environmental systems analysis and modelling, sustainable food systems, landscape ecology, environmental and natural resources economics, and environmental policy and legislation.

After completing the specialisation in Environmental Management the student should be able to:


  • Describe the effects of human actions and intervention on the environment
  • Present an overview of theoretical and analytical methods within environmental management
  • Identify relevant management and policy approaches to cope with the protection and utilisation of natural and environmental goods/resources


  • Apply theory based and practical tools to analyse environmental management issues
  • Communicate knowledge about environmental management in writing


  • Carry out projects using theoretical and analytical methods in environmental management
  • Cooperate and work independently to create ideas and strategies for enhancing more sustainable management decisions


The specialisation in Environmental Management is offered by UCPH, SLU and UHOH. See the list of courses here.

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