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Ecosystems and Biodiversity

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The primary objective of the specialisation in Biodiversity and Ecosystems is to provide an understanding of the ecological processes that govern the distribution and abundance of organisms, the structure of organism communities and the dynamics of matter and energy in ecosystems.

Focus is placed on the performance of ecological studies, and on the spatial and temporal variation in populations, including the human influence and possibilities for sustainable management of ecological resources. 

After completing the specialisation in Ecosystems and Biodiversity the student should be able to: 


  • Describe ecological processes on organism, population and ecosystem levels and their consequences for biodiversity
  • Display an overview of theoretical and analytical methods used in ecology
  • Identify relevant methods for addressing theoretical and applied ecological questions


  • Interpret ecological studies
  • Apply theory and practical methods to understand ecological processes and management options of relevance for conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem structure and function
  • Communicate knowledge about ecological systems and environmental issues, both orally and in writing


  • Carry out research projects using theoretical and analytical methods to ecological systems for management of biodiversity and other ecological resources in relation to environmental change and human impacts
  • Cooperate and work independently to create ideas and strategies for testing ecological questions both in theory and in practice


The specialisation in Ecosystems and Biodiversity is offered by BOKU, UCPH and UHOH. See the list of courses here.

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