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Climate Change

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The main objective of the specialisation in Climate Change is to provide the theoretical knowledge, analytical tools and practical competences to understand climate change and to address the challenges of climate change adaptation and mitigation. Focus is on understanding the impacts of climate change on natural and managed ecosystems and human society. Students will learn to chose and apply technical, managerial and economic and political tools relevant for adapting to climate change and reducing greenhouse emissions at global, regional and local scales. 

After completing the specialisation in climate change the student should be able to:


  • Understand the driving forces of climate change. 
  • Understand the tools and models used to observe, monitor and predict climate change.
  • Understand the impacts of changing climatic conditions on ecosystems and ecosystem services. 
  • Insight into the feedbacks between ecosystems, ecosystem management and climate change. 
  • Evaluate mitigation and adaptation measures in terms of technical, economic and political feasibility.


  • Apply theory based and practical tools to analyse climate change impacts and to evaluate possible mitigation alternatives. 
  • Communicate knowledge about climate change and its impacts as well as mitigation and adaptation strategies by means of standard and advanced communication techniques tailored for the respective user.


  • Conduct assessment projects using theoretical and analytical methods to analyse climate change, its impacts, mitigation and adaptation options 
  • Cooperate and work independently to create ideas and strategies for mitigation of and adaptation to climate change 
  • Study in a European context 
  • Interact with public authorities, private enterprises and NGOs dealing with climate change   


The specialisation in Climate Change is offered by UCPH, UHOH, and BOKU. See the list of courses here.

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