Application for non-EU nationals – University of Copenhagen

Application procedure – for citizens in a country outside EU, EEA or Switzerland

When to apply
The application portal opens: 15 November
Application deadline: 15 January

Application fee
Citizens from a country outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland, who apply with UCPH as their home university, must pay an application fee.

Tuition fees
Citizens from a country outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland must pay tuition fee to their home institution during the entire two-year programme.

How to apply

In addition to the requirements for admission, applicants must submit following documentation:

1) Transcript of grades
Please upload an official transcript of grades of the degree you have completed or are currently enrolled. The transcript must carry an official stamp and signature from your university.
If the transcript is in a language other than English:

  • Please include an official English translation. An official translation must carry the stamp and signature of your educational institution
  • If your educational institution cannot provide you with an official translation, an authorized translator, who stamps and signs the document, must carry out the translation.

Deadline to upload your transcript of grades: 15 January

2) Completed exams or courses of an MSc Programme
If you have completed courses or exams from a previous unfinished MSc Programme, you need to upload documentation of these results. You are also obligated to inform us whether you have completed an MSc Programme.

We use the documentation to evaluate whether you are eligible for mandatory credit transfer (only for University of Copenhagen).

The documentation can be:

  • A copy or a scan of official transcripts, or
  • Diplomas for all completed courses/exams at your former MSc Programme

Deadline to upload your documentation: 15 January

3) CV
Please upload an updated version of your C.V. including a chronological overview of your academic history.

  • A photo is not necessary.

Deadline to upload your CV: 15 January

4) Copy of passport
We also accept a copy of an official ID document or ID card in English as long as it includes:

  • Photo
  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Gender

If you have more than one citizenship please copy the passport which you will use to travel to Denmark.
Deadline to upload your copy of passport: 15 January

5) Letter of Motivation
Short explanation (300-500 words) as to why you have chosen to apply for admission to the EnvEuro programme and why you have prioritised the chosen mobility track. You may also elaborate on your planned career path upon completion of the EnvEuro programme.
Deadline to upload your letter of motivation: 15 January

6) EnvEuro Information Form
Please find the form at Form and Links for Application
Deadline to upload the EnvEuro Information Form: 15 January

7) Proof of English Language Proficiency
Depending on your native language, citizenship or Bachelor’s degree there are four different ways in which you can document your proof of English language proficiency.
Find information about the documentation that fits your background.
Remember to upload your language documentation before deadline 1 May
If you fail to prove your language proficiency before the deadline (1 May) your admission will be cancelled.

8) Official diploma
If you are offered admission, you are required to document that you have completed your Bachelor's degree.
The deadline and requirements of this documentation varies depending on the university you are being admitted to as your home university (1st year university). You will receive information on this during the final admission procedures with your home university. However, in any case, if the diploma is in a language other than English, you need to include an official English translation during the final admission procedure. If your educational institution cannot provide you with an official translation, an authorized translator, who stamps and signs the document, must carry out the translation.

9) Institution specific application requirements
Note that there are additional requirements for those of you who apply for EnvEuro with SLU or BOKU as home university. See

Next, go to the Forms and Links page to find the relevant links to make your application:

Forms and Links for Application

If you have any questions about the application procedure, please contact the EnvEuro Secretariat via e-mail:

EnvEuro | Contact | Hosted at University of Copenhagen