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Application for non-EU nationals

The application for non-EU nationals is now open. To apply for the EnvEuro Master programme you must fill out the online application and submit it through the online application portal before the January 15th 2018 deadline.  

Instructions for applying

Before you begin the procedure, please ensure you have read the Requirements for Admission page.

When you apply for the EnvEuro Master programme you must choose which university you will attend in your first year (hereafter known as the 'Home' university), and which university you will attend in your second year (hereafter known as the 'Host' university). You inform us of this choice in the ‘EnvEuro Information Form’.

You will need to submit your application to EnvEuro via our online application portal irrespective of which university you choose as your Home or Host university. 

If you are admitted to the EnvEuro programme, you may be requested to present your original diploma and transcript upon your arrival at your Home University. This will allow us to verify the documents.

You will be admitted at your Home university and pay the tuition fee at this university during the entire two year programme (also when studying at the Host university). 

When you are ready to apply, you will need to set up an account in order to process your application. To do this, please follow the instructions in the ‘Login User Guide’.

Once you have created your account, you can login to the portal to create your application, save it as a draft, and submit your application. Once submitted, you can follow the status of your application and read any messages sent to you about your applications here.

You may begin preparing your online application at any time after the application portal opens and save your edits as a draft until you have all the required documents and information entered. Please note, however, that when you press ‘submit’ the application will be forwarded to the application office and no further edits can be made.

One important point to note when filling in your online application is that, because the application procedure for EnvEuro is administered through the University of Copenhagen, you must select ‘The University of Copenhagen’ in the section for the application in the drop-down menu listing the different Danish universities, even if choice of home university is one of the other three partner universities that make up the EnvEuro programme.

If you wish to have BOKU as your Home University, you must send the original EnvEuro Information Form with your signature, as well as copies of your application by post as soon as you have submitted the application online. You are advised to send this via certified post to:

Center for International Relations
University of Natural Resources and Life Science, Vienna (BOKU)
Peter Jordan Strasse 82a
A-1190 Vienna, Austria

If you wish to have UCPH as your Home University, you must include any documentation of previously passed courses or exams at the Master's level that you have undertaken (e.g. that were part of an uncompleted Master's programme).

If you wish to have SLU as your Home University, an additional application for the EnvEuro programme has to be submitted through the national Swedish application system by the application deadline on the 15th of January 2018. The link to the Swedish University Admissions page is available on the Forms and Links page.

Next, go to the Forms and Links page to find the relevant forms to make your application:

Forms and Links for Application

If you have any questions about the application procedure, please contact the EnvEuro Secretariat via e-mail:

EnvEuro | Contact | Hosted at University of Copenhagen