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Water as the central theme

Water is an integrating theme in the EnvEuro program as water quality is to a large extent determined by the composition, properties, management and pollutant loads of the soil and of the atmosphere, and water is the main carrier of substances in the terrestrial environment and connects to the atmospheric environment, the aquatic environment and to the biosphere as plants and microorganisms take up nutrients and substrate through the aqueous phase. Ecosystem stability and animal and human health is strongly affected through the quality of water in streams, lakes, marine waters and groundwater and indirectly via feed and food, the quality of which depends on the inherent quality of soil and irrigation waters. This creates a tight link between land use and water quality with focus on soil quality, animal and human health.

The quality of the aqueous environment can be used as a collective measure of terrestrial environmental quality, an approach, which has been adopted in the European Water Framework Directive as well as in other EU directives. The comprehensive and coordinated environmental framework programmes that have been implemented all over Europe are backed up by intensive and common monitoring programs, legislation, regulation, management and policy practices which are here seen as a strong advantage and a solid background for the MSc programme.

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