Interview with an EnvEuro student – University of Copenhagen

Interview with an EnvEuro student

Alejandro Ceballos is from Venezuela. He started the EnvEuro programme in 2007 at Hohenheim University, Germany.

Here he will tell about his reasons for choosing the EnvEuro programme and what he thinks of it so far.

Why did you choose to apply for the EnvEuro programme?

I applied for the EnvEuro programme because I can study in another university and live in another country with this programme. I also applied because of its focus at the European level.

The e-learning course Environmental management in Europe is very interesting for me; here I can be in contact with students from all around the world, and learn about the various situation of the environmental management in their countries and the people there.

What do you think of the international aspect of the programme (that you have to study at two universities)?

I found the international perspective very good, useful and productive. I think studying and living in different universities/countries, it something that brings me a lot of experience and knowledge. The best way to learn about another country is being there.

It is the principal objective of EnvEuro: to learn about the different situation in the EU countries and be able to see the whole environmental situation integrated.  

What do you think of the focus on the European Environment?

From my point of view the EnvEuro programme has a very suitable focus to the actual situation of Europe and the world. The goal of Europe is actually the integration of the countries, the teamwork of the whole community and to make a well-balanced relationship with countries from others continents. Furthermore the environmental problematic is an international concern. The world has to work together to be able to solve the present and future environmental threats.

It is what we are learning with this programme: How the environmental management in Europe works and its relation with the world.

Have the programme lived up to your expectations so far?

So far EnvEuro has given me very good and interesting experience, knowledge and I have met nice friends from all around the world. I found the structure and system of the programme excellent.

What do you think of the intro-week? Was it necessary? Did you learn something new? Did you enjoy meeting the other students in this way?

The intro-week was a beautiful experience for me. It was very nice to meet the others students and teachers. It was extremely important to meet personally the people with whom I am going to work together with. It makes that the e-learning system work better and the exchange of information takes place in a more comfortable atmosphere. I now know who the persons in the e-lessons are and this makes the teamwork much better.

Being in Copenhagen was a great experience, I learned a lot about the environmental management in Denmark, about the country, the people and its culture.

During the intro-week the students exchanged information and points of view from environmental situation in Austria, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Venezuela, etc. It was a fulltime learning process.

What do you think of the EME-course so far? Does e-learning work?

The EME-course is an excellent system; it has been very interesting and active.

I have to say that e-learning was something new for me, but from the beginning I though that it would be a good method to learn. I have experienced that working with e-learning has a lot advantages. It gives me flexibility and time; things very important when I have to integrate the EME course with my others activities: work, study and private life. Furthermore I am learning how to find the huge quantity of information which is available on the internet.

At the moment it is working very well, but at the beginning it was a little hard to get use to and to make a fluently information exchange between the students and teachers. E-learning needs the active participation of every member to make a good development of the course.

What would you like to work with in the future and how do you think that the EnvEuro programme will have contributed for you to reach this goal?

I would like to work in different areas. Something very attractive for me is to work in European development aid organizations and cooperation projects between Europe and others regions in the world. Actually EnvEuro has opened for me a new view to others interesting areas where I would like to work. It would be very interesting to work for European institutions, for example the European environmental agency; these are new ideas which I have got through EnvEuro.

The programme will give me the knowledge of this European level: how does the environmental management in Europe work. I will be able to work in projects with integration and cooperation goals between Europe and others countries. According with the above orientation, one thing in EnvEuro that is very important for me is the possibility to go to another country and finish the last year of the programme. It will show me other work opportunities and I will be able to learn another language.

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